Errol Lee Caring Concerts are coming to W.R. Best!
Posted on 12/05/2022

From the Errol Lee Caring Concerts Team:

Dear Parent/Guardian,

It is a pleasure to be visiting WR Best Memorial, Monday, Dec 12, 2022. Your child(ren) will be participating in a Caring Concerts presentation with singer-songwriter Errol Lee.

Hands Are For Helping
Grade: Kindergarten
Students learn the importance of developing self-control to manage their behaviour in a safe, kind and responsible manner. Concepts include age-appropriate strategies for peaceful conflict resolution.

The Friendship Promise
Grade: Primary
Students learn about how to be a friend by using their words and actions in positive ways. Concepts include recognizing when someone is upset and what they can do to help.

Cool 2B Kind
Grade: Junior
Students learn the benefits of kindness. Concepts include showing others they are valuable by how we treat them also helps us think and feel better about ourselves.

Honouring Black History
Grade: Intermediates
Students are provided with a compelling look at the lives of several members of the Black Community. Concepts include examples of exemplary character demonstrated by current and historical Black people and the positive differences they made and continue to make in today’s world.

Errol Lee's Caring Concerts are multi-sensory presentations that use music, movement, media and visual communication strategies to provide audiences with opportunities to participate. Errol's ability to captivate and motivate audiences of all ages transcends the cool barrier and effectively communicates his core belief that each person has unique, inherent value.

Errol Lee is the founder of Caring Concerts. He is the recipient of the following awards and accolades: Barrie Arts Award for Contribution to the Community, York Region Character through the Arts Award, BBPA (Black Business Professional
Association). Harry Jerome Excellence in the Arts Award, YMCA Peace Medallion, MACCA (Markham African Caribbean Canadian Association) for Outstanding Contribution and Service to our Community in honour of Black History and a
special recognition award from the OPP for his work with at-risk youth.

Ask your child(ren) about the message! Your child(ren) will be eager to share and demonstrate what they have learnt!

Music is available on all popular streaming platforms under the artist ERROL LEE.

Caring Concerts encourage youth to be positive, thoughtful and caring people. Like you, we believe it's cool to care!

Errol Lee-Caring Concerts Team